The Purple Order of Spiritual Christians
Founded by John WorldPeace on January 27, 2009

Blessed be the tie that binds
Our hearts in Christian love


1) Wearing the color purple is a commitment to do a good deed before you take it off.

2) There will be no bureaucracy. No one will get paid for his or her efforts. No full time bureaucratic staff. A web site will be maintained by John WorldPeace for the purpose of information only.

3) Anyone can participate by following this Rule

4) There are no membership lists because there is nothing to join.

5) Participating individuals should not be a member of an organized religion. Participate in any religion in any capacity but refrain from joining or becoming an official member.

6) Organized traditional religions have a role in society and that role should be encouraged, individually and outside the Purple Order.

7) Meetings: Any person can organize a meeting at any time. The purpose of the meeting should be stated beforehand. Meetings can take place anywhere anytime. Whoever sets up the meeting sets the agenda.

8) There are 3 kinds of meetings:

a. Project meetings

b. Study of religious and spiritual matters

c. Reading the gospel, prayers, sharing of miracles, singing. The official gospel of the Purple Order of Spiritual Christians is The 3rd Millennium Gospel of Jesus Christ (The Gospel of WorldPeace) by John WorldPeace. This gospel is nothing but the consolidation and reorganization of the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Thomas, Phillip and Q.

9) Children should be brought to meetings if appropriate.

10) Spiritual Christians should avoid lawsuits.

11) Spiritual Christians who are called to jury duty should tell the court that unless they can ask questions of the attorneys, parties, witnesses, you will always vote for the defendant in civil and criminal cases.

12) At all meetings, bread and grape juice (or wine) must be provided. People should partake of them like a meal or snack in remembrance of Jesus. A bowl of water should be provided with a cross nearby. Participants should dip their fingers into the water and make the sign of the cross upon entering the meeting. Wine is fine for adults – participants who appear to be getting drunk need to be sternly cautioned or asked to leave.

13) If a participant does not like anything about a meeting, he or she should leave and set up his or her own meeting.

14) Various groups can come together for events or projects but absolutely no permanent or paid positions are to be established. The road to bureaucracy is a slippery slope. If you need structure, find a church and join it.

15) A bowl for expenses should be set out. No money should be accumulated. At the end of the meeting, the money is allocated to pay the expense of the meeting, set aside for the next meeting, put into a project fund or given to charity. No money should be accumulated for any other purpose. Nothing is to be charged by the host for his or her services or use of his or her facilities. The Purple Order is not a business. No exceptions.

16) Avoid anyone who profits as much as a penny on anything to do with the Purple Order.

17) If you wear purple, you agree to help anyone who applies to you if within your ability or means and if not within your ability or means you should direct that person to someone who can help them. Consider that anyone who applies to you is an angel testing your faith and commitment.

18) Family nights are good.

19) A copy of this Rule will be posted on the internet for guidance. Meetings may have their own rules but those rules must not conflict with this Rule.

20) Meetings should be spiritual and peace oriented. Politics should not be discussed. There are plenty of political groups for the purpose of political discussion.

21) The Purple Order will not accumulate assets of any kind. Will not build a building of any kind. There will be no staff. There will be no offices. There are no leaders other than those who set up a meeting and that leadership ends with the meeting. There will be no clergy.

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