The Purple Order of Spiritual Christians
Founded by John WorldPeace on January 27, 2009


The ultimate goal of all religions is to create peace. Peace in spirit and peace in our humanness and peace in the world human society. All religions have failed to come anywhere near achieving this goal. The reasons are simple.

Religions are bureaucracies of clergy, priests, monks, popes, etc. Each religious bureaucracy maintains an elitist exclusive philosophy. Each religion advocates that it is the true religion of God; it is the true path to redemption, salvation, and enlightenment.

The true God in all religions is an ineffable, undefinable, infinite, all pervasive essence. Followers of Judaism, Islam and Christianity find it easier to relate to a personal anthropomorphic (like human) God who is a manifestation of the Infinite All Inclusive All There Is Essence that underlies everything that is and everything that isn't (The Infinite Potential)

The true God is democratic and inclusive of all religions. Yet each religion is elitist and exclusive. All religions are in competition for the allegiance of each and every human being on earth because human beings represent a source of money, assets and earthly political power.

Therefore each of the major religions has found a way to gain the support and loyalty of millions to billions of human beings in order to maintain and increase its numbers. A religion (A human bureaucracy) must distinguish itself from the other religions as the one true religion. A religion must advocate the idea that other religions do not have the truth and endorsement of the one true God. This mindset is a detriment to the manifestation world peace: more specifically increasing the peace within the world human society.

The essence of all things is oneness. There is one God (One Infinite Potential). The Jews, the Christians and the Muslims claim one anthropomorphic masculine God of their religious bureaucracies over the others. Each of the members of these religions believe that any human who chooses the wrong religious bureaucracy ends up condemning his or her soul to a hell. How ridiculous.

God is not anthropomorphic. God is not masculine. God does not need a female to create. When asked about whose wife or husband would a human being belongs to in Heaven when they had had multiple spouses on earth, Jesus said there is no creation of souls in heaven by male and female souls. There is no gender; no sex in heaven. So the earthly reality of gender does not exists in heaven. In heaven, every soul is its own free agent. Certainly there is friendship between souls but there is no marriage because there is no point to marriage. We come into this reality alone and we leave alone. We do not enter as husband and wife nor do we leave as husband and wife.

As an aside, it should be obvious that souls who incarnate on earth do so as male and sometimes as female. A soul must make a gender preference before awakening into the earthly reality.

That being said, only one patriarch of one religion has 1) returned to earth after death, and 2) advocated a "love one another" commandment. That is Jesus.

The idea of reanimating a corpse was beyond any human experience or even conception before Jesus. Had there not been many witnesses to the reality of the resurrection of Jesus there would be no Christian religion. Jesus would be just another religious philosopher.

The Christian religion that evolved after the resurrection of Jesus and presently claims almost 1/3 of the world religionists (humans who profess membership in a religious bureaucracy) is staffed by the same examples of religious bureaucrats that Jesus attacked in Judaism. Christian religious bureaucrats stink of the same evil as did the Jewish religious bureaucrats whom Jesus relentlessly attacked and are just as vicious and hypocritical. This truth applies to all religious bureaucrats of every religion. All religious bureaucrats are elitist and exclusionary and are in direct opposition and contradiction to an all inclusive democratic God and the undeniable message of Jesus to love one another regardless of race, religion, nationality, gender or any other sub classification of human beings..

Religious bureaucrats can never increase the peace or manifest WorldPeace in the world human society because their primary mandate is to first preserve their chosen bureaucracy and only second to spread the message of the founder. Moses specifically instructed the Jews not to kill by way of the Ten Commandments. Yet the high priests of the Jewish bureaucracy intentionally, knowingly and maliciously conspired to have Jesus crucified. Christians have been merciless in destroying native populations around the world in order to subjugate them and to take their assets. All religious bureaucrats are capable of murder to protect their religious bureaucracy. All religions have bloody histories of inquisitions, genocide and slavery. This is what humanness does when it is applied to spiritual truth.

Spirituality is a one on one human interaction with God. Outside the confines of a religious bureaucracy, spiritual people speak to God directly and not through religious bureaucrats. Only spiritual humans stand a chance of manifesting peace on earth and achieving peace in spirit. Only SPIRITUAL Christians can include the entire human race in their belief in God.

Christianity is an evolved Judaism. You could almost call Christians - Jewish Christians or Christian Jews.

This is the coming reality: Spiritual Christians as opposed to Religious Christians (traditional, conventional card carrying Christians) are about to swallow all the other religions in the same way they have swallowed Judaism. Religious Christians cannot do this because Religious Christians are exclusive elitists. Spiritual Christians are inclusive democrats with regards to all other spiritual philosophies.

Buddha, Muhammad, Krishna, Moses were all highly evolved spiritual beings who became human in order to bring enlightenment, salvation, redemption to human beings. But only one, Jesus who became Christ, accomplished resurrection and preached a fundamental core message of an all inclusive "love one another" philosophy. Only Spiritual Christians can swallow the other religions.

Spiritual Christians can be Buddhist or Hindus or Muslims. Nothing is lost. Judaism has not been lost. All religions are accepted (swallowed) into Spiritual Christianity.

It is not Religious Christianity that is swallowing the other religions. That is not possible because Religious Christianity is exclusive elitist just like all the other religions. A religious Christianity cannot manifest WorldPeace because of its elitism and its exclusionary mandates.

Christianity swallowed Judaism. By this I mean Christians adopted the Jewish faith in God and evolved it into a unique religion that went beyond Judaism. So Christians accepted the history of the Jew's relationship with God as their own. In truth, the Jews before Moses were incorporated, swallowed by Moses to create a new form of Judaism. Christians took the Judaism of Moses and evolved it into Christianity. Without Judaism, Christianity makes no sense. Jesus was the last manifestation of Judaism according to Christianity.

The difference between Moses and Jesus was that there was no surviving Jewish religionists who adhered to the pre Moses form of Judaism. But there are Jews who refused to accept Jesus and who continue to adhere to the Judaism of Moses. (the Judaism of Moses has evolved but not radically. Moses prohibited lending money at interest but contemporary Judaism has deleted that prohibition). But the Mosaic Jews could not accept the Christian concept of grace over the concept of the law of Moses as a means of salvation. So now there are 20 million Jews and 2 billion Christians who swallowed Judaism.

It is the spiritual Christians who can swallow all religions because they are inclusive democratic believers in an all inclusive democratic God.

In the Book of Hebrews, in the Christian New Testament God says "I will write my laws on your hearts in in your minds and no man will need to teach another." So where did all these Christian denominations come from?

The problem was that 2000 years ago at the time of Jesus resurrection no one knew how to create a Spiritual organization. So Paul was forced to create a Christian Religion to compete with other religions instead. He was forced to use the old tried and true templates, formulas and formats that had worked in establishing religions over the millennia.

Now with thousands of years of experience with religion and its defects, humans can through the internet and other traditional methods of communication promote Spiritual Christianity. Spiritual Christianity has a chance to succeed in disseminating the "love one another" message of Jesus without the impediment of a religious bureaucracy.

Religion can and will bolster spirituality. In other words, spiritual Christians can participate in traditional religions all they want. But they should not officially join a religion because as soon as one becomes a member of a religion, one automatically adopts an exclusive elitist mindset in opposition to his or her spiritual commitment to an inclusive democratic Spiritual Christianity.

In 1210 St Francis of Assisi initiated his 3rd order of Franciscans. The First Order consisted of the Friars. The Second order consisted of the nuns. The Third Order consisted of the lay people who as a result of their commitment to business or family could not devote 100% of their time to religion. The RULE of the 3rd Order was simple.

1) The restoration of all goods unjustly acquired

2) A free and entire reconciliation with anyone whom they had been at variance

3) An observance of the commandments of God, the precepts of the Church and the Rule

4) The consent of the husband in the case of any married woman's reception

Religion has failed in many ways to manifest an increased level of peace in the world human society in the last 3000 years when the major religions have dominated the planet. So it is time for human beings to acknowledge this reality and to try something different.

I have established a Rule for what I call the Purple Order of Spiritual Christians. The Rule is simple to understand. It is designed to form a worldwide lay Spiritual Christian movement that cannot evolve into a religious bureaucracy. There is no reason for Spiritual Christianity to evolve into Religious Christianity because Religious Christianity already exists.

The main difference between Buddhism and Hinduism in the Far East and Christianity, Islam and Judaism in the West is a belief in the East in reincarnation.

Jesus absolutely endorsed but did not emphasize reincarnation. He flatly said that John the Baptist was the reincarnation of the Prophet Elijah.

The problem Jesus had was that he was challenging every aspect of Judaism and could not push a new and unfamiliar concept of reincarnation. And reincarnation was going to be an impediment to Paul's mission to establish the Christian church because reincarnation was a concept foreign to the Western world. He was trying to evolve Judaism from a religion based on the Mosaic law to one based on the grace of God. To have emphasized reincarnation would have put Jesus outside the orbit of Judaism and would have allowed his enemies, the religious bureaucrats, to write him off as a lunatic.

Jesus had to work within the Jewish religion until there was a complete rejection of his teachings. When the rejection came, he commissioned Paul to carry his new Judaism to the Gentiles. Now the time has come to bring all religions into the Christian Spirituality advocated by Jesus.

I have already touched on the reality that it does not matter whether you use a metaphor of the "son of God" or one of "the most advanced bodhisattva or avatar" who ever incarnated in the world. Jesus is what he is. He is what he always has been; a spiritual guide leading human beings back to God. And it must be repeated that Jesus is present now. Jesus cannot be referred to in the past tense because Jesus is a present reality.

It also does not matter if one uses a metaphor of heaven and hell or reincarnation. The result is the same. You must atone and repent for your transgressions against other human beings. The punishment of hell and the punishment of reincarnation are the same.

Hinduism and Buddhism both advocate a need for a human being to detach from his or her earthly desires in order to break the cycle of reincarnation and to proceed to a state of nirvana (heaven). Judaism and Islam lay out a similar system of beliefs that if followed allow a person to gain access to heaven. But only Christianity, only Jesus, demanded a reaching out in love to other human beings, to serve others constantly - moment to moment. And this is the unique core foundational message of Jesus that transcends all other religious thought.

Not only are human beings to love God, and to live simply, human beings are to love other human beings. The mandate given to all humans is to forgive each other and not to judge each other. Only Jesus brought a message of peace on earth because only Jesus advocated a reaching out to others unconditionally and with love.

So spiritual Christianity can incorporate all the spiritual teachings of Buddha, Krisna, and Muhammad because those are the basic tenets of all religion and spirituality. Only the metaphor and names are different.

Only Jesus, placed an equal obligation on humans to love one another. And this demand becomes an umbrella under which all other religions can be assimilated into Spiritual Christianity.

In fact, I would say that the only spirituality on the planet is Christian Spirituality. Spirituality requires the core elements of love God and love one another. There is no demand by Jesus that one love religion.

Only Christians can through Spirituality worship God and love one another outside the confines and restrictions of religion. And this is what Jesus demands.

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